Success Stories

Success Stories

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Success Story number ONE. "It's not always just about video editing services, sometimes intelligent conversations and discussions prior to proceeding can be helpful in determining how to proceed...."

#1 - Client wants to make a demo reel to submit to Home Shopping Network for possible position as on air talent. Slingshot Productions shoots and creates the client's demo master, client submits tape and is contacted by Home Shopping Network and is informed they are advancing to the next round. Eventually they are offered an on air position!

From Channel One Tryout to Four Year Contract Offer

Success Story number TWO. "Sometimes it's ok for an editor to suggest a reshoot, but only sometimes...."

#2 - A young client hopes to be selected by Channel One for their Student Produced Week. Slingshot Productions reviews the raw video footage that they have already shot and suggests that the young client reshoot their interview demo before it is to be edited. The client is shown how to enhance the quality of their video footage at the time of shooting. The idea is that if the client reshoots the footage their chance of being selected as a host for Student Produced week will increase significantly. The client reshoots the interview demo and Slingshot Productions edits it, (not much editing was required since it was a good reshoot). The client ended up being one of 16 finalists, and the only one from California to be selected out of over 2000 nationwide entrants and appears as a television news reporter for Channel One's "Student Produced Week". Afterwards the client was offered a four year contract to be a host for Channel One but the parents nixed the idea because the client had to go to college first!

The Apprentice, You're Hired!

Success Story Number THREE. "In this instance the video footage could not be reshot, but by color, video and audio correcting the existing edited video was optimized...."

#3 - The video was a short unauthorized documentary about waiting in line for a chance to audition for the television show "The Apprentice". The co-producer submitted the color and audio corrected version to the Apprentice television and they ended up appearing on the show as one of the shows contestants. Who knows how much of an edge the finished video gave the contestant, but apparently it didn't hurt!


Happy endings are never a guarantee, however a quality product that endures over time is the ultimate satisfaction. Slingshot Productions Credo, "Technical and Creative Quality are equally important". Any finished video product that Slingshot Productions releases to a client has to meet a certain level of creative effort and technical integrity.

Creativity and Insight into the Video Creation process is just as important as making actually diving in and editing. The combination of good technical editing skills and creative insight can go a long way towards giving you a finished product that you will be proud to show to others. Audio and Video are treated equally important on all projects. The ultimate goal is to be able to watch your finished product and not flinch because of a technical mistake that will seem to grow bigger each time you view your tape. The Editing room rate is $50.00 per hour. Consulting and conversation about a project is free.

Slingshot Productions cares about the amount of work that that gets accomplished each and every hour and as a result you'll find yourself usually being charged for less time than you were actually in the editing room. The reason for this is you shouldn't feel stressed that every moment you are in the room is automatically costing you money. Slingshot Productions tries to accurately estimate your job cost before your edit session officially begins, usually this estimate is made during the free consultation meeting.
You can also view a demo or two of a project that is similar in nature to what you plan on creating.