Regional Emmy Award!

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making films and videos,
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Slingshot Productions
was proud to receive an
Emmy Award for "Faust".

Faust was an opera that
was performed in English
in front of a live audience
and with a live orchestra.

Faust was performed at
Santa Monica College and
starred Sue Ann Pinner.


In 1999 Slingshot Productions entered
8 video productions in The Vision Awards Competition
and received a perfect 8 out of 8 Awards.

Only three Video Production companies
in the entire country received an award for every video
they entered, however Slingshot Productions was
the only company that won with the most diverse
entries of the three companies with perfect scores.

Super-8 Filmmaking Awards...

Slingshot Productions continues to shoot Super-8 film and find success. In 2006 Slingshot Productions won an Experimental Filmmaking Award from the Rutgers Film Festival, also known as the United States Film and Digital Video Festival. Slingshot Productions was again a finalist in the 2007 Rutgers Super-8 film festival with the film "He's My Friend".

You can also check out to see the very latest Super-8 production that Slingshot Productions was involved in.

In 2003, Slingshot Productions also received a Bronze Award from the Kalamazoo film festival for the film "The Alphabet Song" The Alphabet Song also received an Honorable Mention and was screened at several film festivals across the country including the Rutgers Super-8 Film Festival. "Forgotten Hero" was awarded an Honorable Mention in 2004 from the Rutgers film festival as well.