Photo Montages

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Slingshot Productions prides itself on craftsmenship when it comes to transfering and editing your precious still photos to video. High resolution video cameras are used to record your still photos onto high resolution BetaCam SP tape. The videotaped photo images are then edited and mastered onto BetaCam SP and you receive the finished product on DVD or VHS. Your choice of music is added as a background track.

Slingshot Productions photo montages stand the test of time because they are recorded in high resolution video, a resolution that is of higher quality than DVD. A BetaCam SP Edit master can be accessed at a later date and retransfers can be achieved as DVD and MPEG compression rates are improved. Photo montages are easier to do than ever with low cost computer technology, however an experienced camera person trained to study each and every photo can give an edge that a computer program cannot achieve. Most photos will be recorded in both a wide shot and a close shot, and extra attention is paid to the final compositon of each picture.

Slide Transfers

Yes, Slingshot Productions does 35mm slide transfers to video as well!

The same excellent quality you come to expect from Slingshot Productions photo montages is what you will also find when you transfer your slides with Slingshot Productions. Even slides need to be rerecorded as both a wide shot and a close-up, something the boiler plate companies don't bother to do.

Prints from Video for Digital Stills.

Slingshot Productions can also make 4 x 6 color photo prints from your videotapes. Video Prints are an excellent method for preserving a precious home video moment on photo quality paper. The quality of these 4 x 6 inch prints is usually of a good enough quality that one can further enlarge them if necessar.

Video Prints are also the preferred method of evidence gathering should you find yourself headed off to Small Claims court or Superior Court. Many times clients involved in a trial are required to have their videotape images transfered to color print paper because the judge does not want to waste valuable time having the litigants search through video footage or show too much unnecessary video footage. Slingshot Productions offers excellent video print quality your videotape originals.

Sometimes the court will accept a DVD, and Slingshot Productions can help here as well. Strategically preparing a DVD so that it can be shown in the most efficient manner in court is another service Slingshot Productions offers.