Demo Reels

Demo Reels from Existing Videotapes

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Many times a client needs a demo reel made from existing videotapes. Frequently the client only has VHS material to work with. Slingshot Productions has invested in the best quality VHS playback machines when it comes to your VHS source material. Nobody in Los Angeles will give you a better image from your VHS originals than Slingshot Productions, it's a guarantee! Besides the Slingshot Productions guarantee that you will get the BEST looking final video product when your origination video is VHS, Slingshot Productions can handle a diversity of video formats, from VHS to 8mm video to Hi-8, Super-VHS, 3/4, 3/4 SP, Digital-8, mini-dv, DV-CAM BetaCam and BetaCam SP.


Casting Tape...

Need a demo tape shot in a hurry? We Can set up and shoot right out in front of our location. High quality video equipment is used to ensure maximum audio quality along with your good looking mug!

Precision Video Equipment gives Precise Results.

Slingshot Productions takes great pride in using the best quality video playback equipment to ensure your video images are optimized for the best color and brightness, and still be Broadcast legal! The Slingshot Productions editing suite includes waveform, vectorscope and television monitors to help achieve the highest level of quality control. Audio levels are meticulously watched over to ensure an even flow to your video masterpiece. DVD Compression Strategies are strategically implemented to give you the best chance of successful playback in the most diverse of DVD machines.