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Technical Information about our Services

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Slingshot Productions is a Video Production Company Specializing in Video Editing & Camera Services.

Slingshot Productions Video Services include:
#1 Creating Professional Quality Demo DVD's for Entertainment and Corporate Professionals. (example Actor's Demo Reels, TV series tryouts & New Product Inventions)

#2 Archiving existing Home-Movies and Home Video's onto DVD. (Example, transferring your existing VHS and 8mm tapes to DVD, or Betacam SP when true archiving is necessary).

#3 Re-Editing Videotapes while improving the Visual and Audio Quality is a specialty Slingshot Productions excels in.

#4 Creating DVD's with precise features such as chapter skips and thumbnails. DVD Includes Inkjet printing DIRECTLY onto the DVD in full color, no paper label is used. Photo Images can also be printed directly onto your DVD's as well.

Slingshot Productions GUARANTEES the BEST QUALITY from your Vhs and 8mm video source tapes. BetaCam SP, S-VHS and 3/4 can also be re-edited and remastered. Whatever analog videotape format you have, your videotape quality will be enhanced as it is being transferred to either Betacam SP, DVD, or Digital Videotape. Standard Def Videotape Archive Masters can be made onto BetaCam SP Videotape, (the Professional Industry Standard for the last 15 years for both quality and durability). Digital Videotape masters can also be made onto mini-dv, or digital-8.

DVD copies are also made.

Clients range from National Companies to the individual looking to create a photo montage for an anniversary event, the actor looking to enhance their acting demo tape, or the inventor looking to showcase their invention or idea. Trying out for a reality TV show and need a demo tape? Give Slingshot Productions a try! Slingshot Productions can videotape Actor audition tapes and Reality TV audition tapes. Live event videography such as Operas, Plays, Concerts, Recitals, Premieres, Award Shows, Anniversary Parties, College, School Productions and Retirement Parties are also provided. Scripted videos for Industrial and Corporate purposes, as well as New Product, "How to", Showcase demo reels for Reality TV, and commercials can also be produced. Slingshot Productions can also FILM your Music Video or Short Story Idea or Commercial.


Regional Emmy Winning Slingshot Productions also caters to specialized video needs. New Services include making DVD's and Vhs Window burns from JVC HD formats, DV-CAM and Mini-dv as well. Slingshot Productions can also be hired to do "Quality Control Evaluation" of existing Videotape Masters that are headed for video distribution. Additionally, Color Video Prints from Videotapes can be made (excellent way to present in court evidence from images that originated on video), security videotape playback, video enhancement plus expert analysis for court cases are additional services you can request. Slingshot Productions also handles Video Post Production Services for Feature Films and Short Films. Do you need a Music Video Demo? Slingshot Productions can FILM your music video rather than videotape it for a unique attention getting look!

Archival Quality, Instant Color Correction!

Superior in quality to 3/4 video and a much more durable tape format than mini-dv, BetaCam SP Editing allows Slingshot Productions to instantly edit your existing analog video master. It is not necessary to reinput all of your tapes into a computer for a simple video re-edit. In some instances Slingshot Productions may charge less to finish an editing job by using BetaCam SP than what other facilities might charge simply to load your footage into their computer!

Because Slingshot Productions uses BetaCam SP videotapemasters these videotapes can be stored, and have been stored, for 15 years or longer and then re-edited at a moments notice! Client masters archived on BetaCam SP from the past 15 years are now being transferred to DVD and the results are proving to be astounding! (can you imagine archiving a harddrive for 10 years and expecting it to play and also be recognized by todays computers) Internal Time-Base Correctors and component color correction equipment allow the editor to make instant improvements and adjustments to the video image with no rendering time. A waveform and vectorscope are incorporated for instant verification that the video signal is broadcast legal and in spec. Just recently an Awards Show B-roll footage was enhanced before it was remastered to DVD. Stars such as Alicia Silverstone, Nicolette Sheridan, and even the mayor of Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villagairosa positively glowed after the video image was optimized. In many instances video quality can be improved from an existing master no matter what format the original was videotaped on. The combination of a skilled editor with the right real time color correction tools can create pleasing looking images in the most cost effective manner.

DVD Creation

Slingshot Productions can create DVD's from any existing tape master that you own or have the rights to. DVD chapter and thumbnail strategies are a key component in the creation of your DVD. Slingshot Productions prides itself on selecting each chapter skip when making your DVD. The Menu Thumbnail is selected only after considering many options.
Copyrighted material that is owned by others cannot be duplicated in their entirety. However situations can arise where a small portion can be used for a demo reel (such as if you were a performer in the piece or had a key role in it's creation), but the DVD should not be for resale, barter or broadcast.