Camera Services

Professional Camera Services

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Slingshot Productions uses high resolution 750 line video cameras. High resolution video cameras offer the best in optics quality AND audio quality. Aftermarket lenses result in better quality imaging in low light situations, Professional XLR audio inputs ensure better quality audio capture. Additionally, the Use of Sachtler Tripods help ensure the best in smooth camera moves.

A good tripod can cost more than some production companies entire set-up, yet that is just one small aspect of what keeps Regional Emmy winning Slingshot Productions quality second to none.

The lightest weight Anton Bauer Batteries are used to power the video cameras, which help keep the portability of the cameras at a premium.

Many times a live-event requires that both a large camera and a compact video camera be used for maximum effectiveness. Additional camera coverage allows for a better finished product. The second camera allows for a practically infinite choice when it comes to making the final edit. Strategically Editing between two cameras enables for more precious moments to captured on the final edit master. The additional camera also allows for additional microphone choices to be used. Both an audience microphone and a stage microphone combined onto the final DVD copy which helps to give a heightened sense of actually being at the event.

You can hire Slingshot Productions to direct your video production.


Digital Video & Still Camera Services

Digital Still Cameras are an excellent choice for documenting events when audio is not required. Digital Still images printed on paper are also helpful for court cases for presenting evidence. Slingshot Productions can handle digital still needs from your next album cover to nice shots of your backyard garden or casual family gatherings.

Once the photos are shot, the work has just begun. Most digital still images can be improved by diligently adjusting various digital levels back in studio.

This is the "secret sauce" that many times is unknown to the client. Many times it is better to pick 5-10 shots and have them optimized than keeping every shot as is.

Super-8 Film Camera Services...

In this day and age of digital video, the combination of shooting film but editing on high quality digital video editing can give your project a look that is both compelling and different from what every one else is doing.

Super-8 Film Camera Services are most useful if one were to make a local commercial, music video, short film, or low-budget or independent feature film. There has been a renewed interest in film, evidenced by a wedding film company that primarily shoots film at their weddings for a look that is different from digital video. If you are looking to make a music video, Super-8 is an incredible way to achieve more versatility than what can be achieved with a digital video camera.