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One of Slingshot Productions hidden treasures is the ability to shoot in Super-8 film! Slingshot Productions creates imagery using Super-8 film that a film festival judge once mistakenly thought was created on a computer! Recently, Slingshot Productions received an award in the Experimental Film Category from the Rutgers Super-8 Film festival for the Super-8 film "Decoy for Terror". Decoy For Terror finished ahead of both digital video and other Super-8 film entries. The Following Year, "He's My Friend" was a finalist as well.

Invest in a Super-8 Straight to Video Release

Do you want to invest in a Super-8 Feature Film? For a consultation fee of $1,000 your script will be evaluated to see if it could be successfully shot on super-8 film. For a $100,000 supervision fee (plus all associated film production costs) an approved for Super-8 film script can be turned into a feature film. In the meantime, you can learn more about the best kept film secret on the planet, Super-8 film, by checking out and

In addition, Slingshot Productions has made a 15 minute film teaser that demonstrates a filming technique that ensures a feature film could be filmed in Super-8 for under a hundred thousand dollars with a high enough production value to warrant a home video release. That film, Decoy for Terror, just won an Award in the Experimental Film Category at the Rutgers Super-8 Film Festival.

Super-8 is still going strong.

Super-8 Productions are popping up all over. From JC Penney Christmas / Holiday commercials to a filmmaker's super-8 film being selected as finalist at the Cannes film festival and another filmmakers super-8 film being accepted at Sundance, Super-8 productions create a unique film look that is still popular 40 years after the introduction of the film format. New Age Super-8 film stocks have also revitalized the film format while reducing lighting costs and decreasing set-up times per scene.